The webpage is mainly about my work as international Consultant in the field of PROCUREMENT-TVET-FINANCE.

The Term TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. It provides knowledge and skills for employment (that are in demand on the labour market). However, many of the TVET systems are not fit for purpose. People trained through these existing VET systems do not acquire the right skills and competences due to several limiting factors, particularly the serious deficiencies of practice facilities and unsuitable hands-on training equipment. Most of my papers deal with those deficiencies.

But I will also share some of my thoughts what else is ongoing in the world.

PAPERS lists all all Documents and Good Practice Guidelines I have written.

NEWS provides updated information and some ideas and thoughts.

ABOUT ME is mainly providing some info about my professional, but also a little bit about my private life.

Are we avoiding the term “Higher” Education, using instead “Academic”? Otherwise, how can we promote TVET, the lower ones? TVET: The “Professional” Education!